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2020 Spring COACHING Application

***The "playing age" of a player is the age of that player on January 1 of the current year***

Thank you for your interest in coaching for Fauquier Youth Flag Football League.  Please remember that all coaches will be required to attend certain coaches meeting and/or clinics.  Those dates and times will be posted soon to the home page of the website.  Head Coaches returning to the same team they coached during the Spring 2019 season have until January 31st to submit their online coaching application.  On or after Feburary 1 any team without a returning coach will be assigned one from the online application list (as determined by coaches selection process). Head Coaches have until February 16th to declare their assistant coach (Assistant Coaches must also be registered).  Once you have applied for a coaching position with FYFFL you may contact our commissioner, Jennifer Doores, at jennifer.doores@fyffl.com, our Registrar, Ana Buron at FyfflRegistrar@Gmail.com, or our Coaches Coordinator Lenny Crocket at FYFFLcoachcoordinator@gmail.com with any further questions you may have.

Opened: 12/26/2019
Closes: 06/06/2020

Open to:
born on or before: 03/28/2002