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2022 Spring PLAYER Registration Form

Welcome to Fauquier Youth Flag Football League!
Registration is open to all children between the ages of 4 and 16 (ages are as of January 1, 2022).
The 2022 season championships are tentatively scheduled for June 4th with June 11th being potential make up day. The last day of school in Fauquier County is tentatively scheduled for the end of May.  Please plan accordingly to avoid any potential conflicts if you wish to be available for the championship day activities.


Here is important information that may answer some questions you may have.  Please read carefully to see ALL of the important changes that have been made.

Age Waiver Info located in documents tab on homepage
  • All Players Will be required to have solid (no stripes) BLACK pants or shorts with NO POCKETS for games. Tape will not be allowed.  If a player shows up with pockets, they will NOT be allowed to play in the game.
  • All registrations will have a $3.00 fee automatically added for online payment.  If you are paying by check please subtract $3.00 from your final payment per registration before mailing check. Checks must be post-marked within 2 days of registration in order to be placed on the grandfathered team or in the draft.
  • Early bird registration will cost $115.00 (plus $3.00 for online payments) and is open from December 31- January 10.
  • Regular registration will cost $125.00 (plus $3.00 for online payments) and is open from January 11 - February 10.
  • Waitlist/late bird registration begins on February 11 and will cost $140.00 (plus $3.00 for online payment)
  • Only players registered and paid during the Early Bird period and the Regular period will be grandfathered back to their team or be able to participate in the draft.
  • You may choose your practice area/draft zone each season but cannot choose a particular team or coach. Teams are determined by draft and are selected by the coaches.
  • There is a multi-player family discount available: Every child registered after the first will be given a $10 discount on the price of registration.
  • Your payment must be received or postmarked in the same registration period in which you are registering in order to get the price for that period (example...if you register in the early bird period but pay in the regular registration period, you will owe the regular registration rates).
  • Four and five year old players will play in FYFFL's Instructional Division. This division will be for learning and will not be competitive.
  • If your player remains in the same age division, they can return back to their team. Please check the appropriate box on the registration form if you would like your player to return to their team or be placed in the draft.
  • Parents have the option of submitting an AGE WAIVER form to move UP (never down) to the next age division. Player's birthday must be between January 2 and May 31 of the current year in which season is played in order to qualify for this waiver (NO EXCEPTIONS).
  • If you place your player in a new practice/draft area, they will automatically be placed in the draft for the area chosen (the exception being if a player must be moved to make all teams/draft areas have enough players, in which case the LAST PLAYER REGISTERED will be the FIRST PLAYER MOVED).
  • All players are able to re-enter the draft every season, regardless of whether or not they will play in the same division as the previous year.  So, even if you want to stay in the same practice area, you can choose to re-enter the draft in that same area. You must state this on registration form. You will not be able to choose your new team or coach.

Thank you for your interest in FYFFL and good luck in the upcoming spring season!


Base Cost: $128.00

Opened: 12/31/2021
Late date/fee: 02/10/2022$15.00
Closes: 03/24/2022

Open to:
born between: 01/02/2005 and 01/01/2018

2022 Spring COACHING Application

***The "playing age" of a player is the age of that player on January 1 of the current year***

Thank you for your interest in coaching for Fauquier Youth Flag Football League.  Please remember that all coaches will be required to attend certain coaches meeting and/or clinics.  Those dates and times will be posted soon to the home page of the website.  Head Coaches returning to the same team they coached during the Spring 2021 season have until January 31st to submit their online coaching application.  On or after Feburary 1 any team without a returning coach will be assigned one from the online application list (as determined by coaches selection process). Head Coaches have until February 20th to declare their assistant coach (Assistant Coaches must also be registered).  Once you have applied for a coaching position with FYFFL you may contact our commissioner, Jennifer Doores, at jennifer.doores@gmail.com, our Registrar, Ana Emmer at FyfflRegistrar@Gmail.com, or our Coaches Coordinator Lenny Crockett at FYFFLcoachcoordinator@gmail.com with any further questions you may have.

Opened: 12/31/2021
Closes: 06/06/2022

Open to:
born on or before: 03/28/2004

2022 Spring REFEREE Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming an FYFFL official for the upcoming Spring Season.  If you are under the age of 18, a parent or guardian will need to fill out portions of this application giving parental consent.  Please be aware that all applicants will need to attend classroom training, field training, and the FYFFL scrimmage day.  These training courses will be held between February and March.  After your application is received you will be contacted by Fauquier Youth Flag Football League with the dates and times available for training and any other information you will need. 


Opened: 12/31/2021
Closes: 03/31/2022

Open to:
born on or before: 03/28/2008